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"Estrategias de mediación en red" , is a project originating in Chile, in South America, and is now being developed in different parts of the world using the Internet. It uses media technologies to bring together visual artists from different parts of the world to work on joint projects.

The project takes into account the circumstances of isolation and insularity that Latin American countries experience in relation to the great centres of cultural production while attempting to generate a flow of knowledge and information between participating artists. It builds a fluid network in which knowledge, information and links can circulate inside and outside Latin America.

It takes as its starting point the urgent need to conceive strategies that can make possible mechanisms for hybridization between cultures, with the objective of moving artistic production away from the “standardising logic” the global economic system operates on.

It attempts to generate participative situations in which different types of cultural interchange will begin to operate with the objective of exchanging, sharing and combining imageries and thus bringing into play the perceptions and fantasies generated by the “phantom of the other”, putting into practice processes in which symbolic values are received and appropriated in a free and direct fashion.

Person responsible: Rosa Apablaza V.
South America


-The person coordinating the project publishes an announcement on the Internet inviting visual artists from different countries to participate; participants form groups made up of 2 artists who do not know one another. They are then put in contact with one another by e-mail.

- Each pair of artists must contact one another to work on building a joint project that should be based on the process of communication and interchange they are going to be involved in.

- Each pair of artists must set up a Blog, on a free virtual platform, to display the project they are creating and the process of interchange they are carrying out. In addition to the blog the artists can also optionally construct a project that is visual, uses sound, etc., that should be sent to the person responsible for the project, who will take care of organising an exhibition in a physical space in Chile, where printouts from the blogs constructed will be exhibited along with visual, sound, etc., projects.

- The artists must devise strategies to communicate and explain their points of reference and imagery. There will be a limited period of time for them to get to know one another, communicate and plan the project, using the means they prefer: e-mail, chat, telephone calls, etc.

- The idea is that the artists should explore and apply different artistic languages in building the projects. All media and languages are valid. For example, they can construct still images from a combination of one image from each one, or they can use sounds, construct a net art project, etc. They can even conceive the process itself as a project.

-Ideally, what is recommended is to construct projects that can be sent by some means other than conventional mail, such as e-mail, fax, etc., in order to avoid things getting lost. For this reason the person in charge of the project will handle sending things out. For example, if the artists decide to put together a graphic image which is to be printed, this can be sent on the Internet, and the person responsible will take care of printing and setting it up.

- In the course of the preparation of the projects, the person responsible for the project will serve as an intermediary, through e-mail, between the participating artists, assisting them in the process, settling doubts, providing references, etc.

- After the projects are sent to the intermediary, she will set up an exhibition with the projects that have been done and publish a document describing the project to the general public.


The first version of the project was realized in April and May 2006.
In the following links you can see the Blogs that constructed the participants of this first version.
(Javiera Medina/Maryse Latulippe)
(Marula Di Como/Agustín Calvo)
(Mauricio Riquelm/Clemente Padín)
(Muriel Frega/Miguel Jiménez)
(Leonardo Soto/Daniel Fernando López)
(Yto Aranda/Veronique Simar)
(Noelia Estarelles/ Enrique Zednelem)
(Karin Vásquez/Rosemary Golcher)


Like a form to present the project to the public, was realized a exhibition in a physical space of Santiago de Chile. This is the scale model of the exhibition.



In May and June 2006 was realized "HIBRIDACION EN RED", the second version of "ESTRATEGIAS DE MEDIACION EN RED".

The results was exhibited in "Espacio G" , a Gallery in Chile.


Some texts published in internet about "Estrategias de mediación en red"

"Nota a un proceso cyborguiano. Para una estrategia de observación-acción en red"
This text was wrote for Mauricio Riquelm, and was published in the "Dossier of contemporany chilean art" of, web site of Casa de las Américas de Cuba.

"Detrás de la red, diálogo con Rosa Apablaza"
Interview realized to Rosa Apablaza by Daniel Reyes, published in .